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Manual Cutting Machine Reviews

Manual Die Cutting Machines

This type of cutting machine uses metal dies sandwiched together with the material being cut between cutting mats, which are then fed through the machine using a manual crank. As they are manual, these machines tend to be the most affordable option for a cutting machine. Keep in mind though, that you do need to purchase new dies for each different shape you wish to cut.

Electronic Die Cutting Machine Reviews

Electronic Die Cutting Machines

Just like with the manual machine, metal dies and the material being cut are sandwiched between cutting mats, but at the press of a button the materials are drawn through the machine automatically. As they are electronic, higher pressure can be achieved and thicker materials can be cut. Thinner metal dies are used compared to the ones in the manual machines.

Digital Cutting Machine Reviews

Digital Cutting Machines

Instead of using metal dies, these machines are equipped with blades and the possibilities are endless. They use software to determine the design to be cut and while there are many existing options, you can also design your own. These machines are understandably more expensive than the other types of cutting machines and they take a little longer to learn how to use.

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